A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night,
The children packed in for a fright
From a musty old black cassette
Which dad had put in the TV set.

Buttered air from popcorn smells
Forebode the depths of the hells
That were forbidden from them to be seen
As it was rated PG-13.

“Nevermind it’s between you and I
To not tell Mom is not a lie
I’m sure your friends can keep zipped up
For the princely price of a Reese’s cup.”

Sugar’s power is overrated –
Two asleep by the time the movie’s teens debated
Whether to drive to make-out point
While passing what looked like a joint.

As the teens decided to take the drive
Not considering they might not stay alive
Becky’s mouth let out a snore
Which hid the slight tap-tap at the door.

Gently father took Becky’s cue
To lay them to bed and find something else to do –
He settled on the late show and a rum night cap
The crackling ice of which hid the next tap-tap.

The late show gave way to a test pattern
“Which in eighty minutes more might reach Saturn” –
An aside that dad had learned as a teen
From his popular science magazine.

He took the final lingering sip
Of the nightcap across his lips
And as he pulled the blanket off his lap
The test pattern tone obscured the next tap-tap.

Shuffling he turned the TV off
And scratched himself and let out a cough
The only sound other than the softening rain
And then the tap-tap which happened again.

Half asleep he took half note
Before noting next morning they should go out on the boat
But as he went to lock the door
He heard the tap-tapping once more.

There were no branches there for the wind to blow
And it suddenly dawned on him he did not know
What could be at the door at this hour of night
Though he did not muster any fright.

Still, to be safe he got the baseball bat –
There were children here and that was that.
It could not hurt to be safe as he opened the door
To the tap-tap which sounded once more.

He reached out for the door knob
Hoping someone was not here to rob
But found nothing in front of him
Until he looked down at something grim.

The little dachshund’s rib cage shown
As it was all skin and bone
The poor thing had not eaten for weeks
And could hardly muster a whimper from between it’s cheeks.

He took it to the warmth inside
And fed it shredded tuna and towel dried it’s hide
Her little eyes sparked to life as she gave a gentle lick
And when he called her “Lucky” her tail wag meant it would stick.

Twelve years she stayed in their home
‘Til she was buried under the watch of garden gnomes.
They loved Lucky who fell into their lap
Who would have died that night but for dad catching that tap-tap.

2 thoughts on “A Dark and Stormy Night

  1. X says:

    Nice dude

    1. Jason says:

      Thank you! Still figuring out word press, so I am a bit slow on the response.

      But feedback is always appreciated – well, the good kind, anyway :-).

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