From a Writing Prompt 2018-06-14, #1

Oh my mittens would fit a child
And my drop sexy panties are shot.
If only I had gone to that party –
I would have more than I’ve got.

Instead of new friends,
and bedroom eyes at my crush –
I only have shredded lint
to shove over my feet into puppies that hush.

As the keg fell below half full
And the witching hour bled to dawn.
What music were they dancing to
And what did Becky shout at Ron.

Things fall apart
when you do not spring for Tide –
When you fail to prepare
prepare for a bumpy ride.

People are the reason
that all of us want to exist
So next time I’ll check off earlier
the chores that are on my list.


The Prompts:

the party i Didn’t go to
dissolve into something
doing my laundry
if instead

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