Ideas and Actions

Its not that we are out of ideas – we have plenty of them.
Executing just takes a lot vigor, pep, and vim.
I know that over there on your armchair things seem like a breeze –
Palm imprints in your lap, pushing pins on maps as you please.

Fold your TV tray and walk this way – mind the crumbs on the floor –
The crumbs from the last time you tried to help; nevermind – ignore.
That’s right! one foot should fall before the next!
Oh look at you, you’re walking now without the usual pretext!

Ah, I understand this is all a lot for you to take in;
And I am so glad that you are with me taking it with a grin.
Oh never mind, looks like you’re behind, now that’s ok.
Have a seat and think about it, I didn’t have my hopes up any way.

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