Sand, Time

In the palm of my hand,
Matching the surrounding land,
Is a little heap of sand
That I never thought to plan.

Slowly it slips away
Marking each passing day
Falling, mixing into gray
No matter what I have to say.

Only the pile comes to end –
The land stirs in eternal wind
Until it decides to lend
To another hand to spend.


Oh, My Bonabo.
Always grows where the Sun don’t show.
Your sturdy tree belies boggy ground.
You enjoy your time up and down.

Oh My, Bonabo.
Others are taken by what you know.
Taken all day and into the night –
From birds and bees to bats’ flight.

Oh My Bonabo.
Never toil, never sow.
To break a sweat is not your lot.
Keep your cool as we grow hot.


Sheltered seed is heredity’s hoard
Which let’s life endlessly ford
Along the river of life –
Life so rife with strife.

Some bloodlines perish in the dark
When their stewards miss their mark.
Others continue to plod on
And lead their own to brightest dawn.

This race may seem pointless to run –
So care for each other and try to have fun.
When the day comes for you to be finished
Please leave things better – not diminished.


I knock back one, then make it two.
And after number two a few.
After a few, then some more –
Maybe one, maybe four.

My liquor store closes on-the-dot at nine,
So I buy my night across the county line.
It is not often that I get caught –
Even then there is no lesson taught …

… or rather not one I have learned
From the time that I have earned.
At freedom’s door I choose the bottle.
I race to my grave with open throttle.

Fuck Me Senseless, Fuck Me Raw

Fuck me senseless. Fuck me raw.
Like some deleted scene from Saw.
Not like one of your French girls, Jack –
I want your cum to shoot through my back.

Take out some vertebrae –
I don’t need them anyway.
Just prop me up on my knees
And have me any way you please.

I live for your balls slapping my chin.
Knock my teeth out, jam your cock in
Baby, if I start gag, start to vomit –
Just scrub my mouth out with some Comet.

What’s me is yours, and what’s yours is divine.
It’s for your pleasure all day I pine.
I am your toy, I will obey.
Especially when you throw me away.

The Whole

The total, the whole, the sum –
From tip of the nose to hole in the bum.
I don’t like any part of you
At least none presented for my review.

Let’s start with good things … that was quick.
Now on to the ones that make me sick.
Your eyes are crossed, your breath is foul –
Like a fog it creeps over your jowl.

Maybe your smile once bore dimples –
These days they are overrun with pimples.
If pus were as precious as silk or gold
Then harvesting yours would cause markets to fold.

We could host a rocket launch
On the uncharted expanse of your paunch.
I have to respect the thumb so green
That it could grow a jelly Bean.

In between your hips is a great cavern with mass
That excretes out of your ass
By scent alone I cannot tell apart
Which is you, and which is your fart.

Your laughter makes beer go flat
And melts the stitches in my hat.
All of your words pick a fight
You have no nose out of spite.

You got all your money from your dad’s estate.
You hang out at playgrounds and masturbate.
Your existence steals all the joy
From every girl and every boy.

I should have listened to all the voices
Who said that I make poor choices
They were all the ones who knew
That I should not have married you.


Every sin is a wage you must pay
Even only nabbing from the offering tray.
So if you are going to bother –
You May as well Fuck your mother and kill your father.
Take a torch to city hall
Find your enemies and sever their balls.
Rip out their ovaries
And string them from the tallest trees.
Fulfill all your wildest desires
Turn every stone, stoke every fire.
I am a saint and would do no such things;
I love my wife and respect this ring.
Buy if I ever were to stray –
Know that there would be hell to pay.

On The Road

On the Road the song I sing
Brought to me a wondrous being
Who wanted of me but one thing
For me to bind her with a ring.

For to bear and raise next kin
I raised her skirt to bare her skin
were I to take the road again
my time of hers would be in sin.


Teffetit’s teeth bit the tit which mother licked.
Granny’s wet, daddy’s down.
Momma just went out of town.
Took the condoms, stupid bitch –
Now Teffe’s got that granny itch.
Not all bad he got her too –
tore her brown starfish in two.
Stuffed her vag with malt and hops
so he gets drunk while he slops
those luscious lips of liquor licked.
Sister said she wants in –
she just now got into men;
used to take it doggy style
with a great Big Dane porking her pile.
Slobbed a little on her back
before its nut spilled out the sack.
Palms sweaty, can’t you tell?
Your knees get weak from her smell.
Seventeen years she waited so long
To grip so hard your little dong.
Pull aside her sequined thong.
Jerk her down – pump that slut
Then go nut on on her gut.

I Like To Paint

I like to paint.
I rub the paint on my taint.
Scooch around on the ground –
Mix the blue with a pinch of brown.
Disregard mother’s frown –
Folded arms across her gown.

Sometimes I pretend
That I have a girl friend.
Sometimes green; others blue
Really she is any hue.
She paints my life, colors my world,
My world which is lost to swirl.
I turn around, scooch my art.
I split my brush when I fart.